Why lucid dream?

If you’re new to the world of lucid dreaming you might be wondering whether it’s worth your effort to delve deeper into it. Ask anyone who has experienced a lucid dream and the answer is always a resounding “yes!“. The sensation you feel the first time that you realize that you are dreaming really cannot be adequately explained. Take my word for it though, it will blow your mind!

This site is your portal into the world lucid dreaming. Whether you’re new to the concept of lucid dreaming, or you already know how, you should find something here that will help you realize the amazing experience of lucid dreaming.

Please feel free to leave comments or feedback, and sweet dreams!


10 Responses to Why lucid dream?

  1. Dan Watson says:

    Hey , i just thought i could explain a dream i had last night becuase im having diffuculty figuring oput whether it was a lucid dream or not. I was with my friend in the dream and then realised i was dreaming, but instead of the dream getting clearer , it became more dull and blurry. Then i felt a sensation i had never felt before , i could actually feel my body transferring me into the dream as i could feel all my senses coming into the dream . The dream then ended , and i just wanted to know if what i was experiencing was the start of a lucid dream. thanks Dan

  2. Nathan says:

    Dan, it sounds like what you were experiencing was your brain reacting to the excitement generated by the fact that you just gained lucidity. The dream began to fall apart because your brainwaves were becoming too active. Don’t worry, in time this problem can fade.

  3. RJ says:

    Was just wondering if you are in the actual act of lucid dreaming, would it still be considered a form of lucidity to change something in the dream (somewhat relative to “The Matrix” movie, I suppose)…I used to have the ability to control or change certain things with a tremendous amount of focus, which might not sound that amazing, but I don’t know of many people who can relate.

  4. charlotte says:

    Hello RJ.
    Yes I can relate to what you say, the last time i had a lucid dream I was in an empty room and decided i was going to manifest a table and chairs…not too exciting but youve gotta start somewhere! It was hard work because I really felt like I was awake, I did manage it eventually and I was so happy, next I tried to leave the room but turning the doorknob got me, I just couldnt do it and woke up instead!
    I havent lucid dreamt in a long time now and not sure why this is, but Im not too worried as I feel Ive woken up more in this dimension which I feel is the important thing.

  5. Julie says:

    Hello, I’m having much trouble Lucid Dreaming. I’ve had before, But like Dan, They Fade. Fast. Too Fast… How do I remain in the dream? Is there anyway I can continue a dream from a previous night? Help me this some tips!
    Thank you!

  6. Alec says:

    i cant tell you how to remain in the dream but you can try to continue a previous dream. As you are trying to fall asleep think about the very end of the dream you want to continue in DETAIL. think about how you want it to continue until you realize that your dreaming. I hope this helps.

  7. nathan feltner says:

    I had, as I think anyways, a lucid dream once, not to long ago. I was at school in S.S. class when I reallies that I am sleeping.So I decided to try something I forget what it was but it didn’t happen because I wasn’t focusing enough. So came second hour.Then for some reason I was in the hallways and I wanted to do something but decided not to and my dream went on its own course from there. It felt so real too when I was lucid dreaming,but when i woke up it felt like any normal dream. Can any one explain that? And also can any one explain to me why my dream went on its own course when i was in the hallways?

  8. Marie says:

    I used to have flying dreams quite often, and they would scare me. I finally learned to enjoy them so I thought that flying would be a good ‘trigger’ to LD. Well, the last few times (this morning being the latest) I’ve started to fly, I’ve realized that I was ‘LD’ and decided that I was going to go off to St. Augustine, but something always stops me. This morning as I realized I was in a LD, a slight shock of electricity went through me,I saw and felt a neon green current go through my arm, and I was not allowed to go any farther. The time before when I realized I was about to LD, a white, misty cloud appeared and would not let me leave the area. I find this very disappointing.

  9. sarah says:

    this used to happen to me alot, you have to focus all your energy on willing the cloud or barrier away, i used to get this haze as soon as i realised i was dreaming, after a few tries i found that if i tried really hard to imagine i was in a familiar place, somewhere i saw alot so could picture in detail for example my old school classroom the haze would lift and suddenly id be in the clasroom, i could then move on from there, i did find for a while that i could then only go to places in the school, but i think this is just because its what my brain percieved to be “normal” and it wouldnt accept me opening a classroom door and being in a jungle or something, with much practice and some serious focus i managed to overcome this, i think i taught my brain to just accept anything as normal somehow because now i can dream anything i imagine. the only downside to this is, i tend to wake up alot of the time feeling like i’d not slept and so totally exhausted so i’d recomend not doing it too often once you’ve mastered it. my guess is maybe your subconcious knows you’ll get less rest if you go exploring so puts up the barrier to make you get some propper rest! anyway…happy dreaming.
    sarah xXx

  10. amy victoria says:

    okay im so jelious of you people sometimes it seems the more i try to have a lucid dream the more likely i am not to have one, and even when i do dream all i get are little images at the end of the day which never form together to make sence. and no matter how hard i try to hold onto a dream it always slips away, ive tried writting what i remember down after i wake up but if even when im reading it back, i can remember writting it (barely) but cant actually remember experience anything that ive wrote

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