False awakenings, positive lucid dreams

lucid dreams - false awakenings

“…so there i was, eating my breakfast as normal, going through my usual morning routine, when the alarm went off, and I found myself back in my bed again. It was… disorienting to say the least…”

This is a typical account of what’s known as a “false awakening”. A person believing themselves to be awake discovers either from visual cues inside the dream or external stimuli that they are still dreaming. In the world of lucid dreaming, the false awakening phenomenon is one of the more interesting. In some cases, false awakenings can be recursive – in other words the dreamer can “awaken” from a false awakening into another dream!

It could be argued that a false awakening is the ultimate lucid dream because the level of consciousness inside the dream is indistinguishable from reality. On the other hand, false awakenings could be considered to be the polar opposite of a lucid dream because there is consciousness without awareness.

So what good are false awakenings? If you’re learning how to lucid dream, a false awakening can be a sign that your unconscious mind is starting to pay attention to your desire to have lucid dreams. They are also a timely reminder of the value of reality checks.

If nothing else, next time you find yourself waking up going through your morning routine, check carefully. If you’re learning how to lucid dream make sure that the world looks and functions like it should.

This will help you, too.

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6 Responses to False awakenings, positive lucid dreams

  1. Ryan Hurd says:

    I have “suffered from” many false awakenings, endless series of attempts to wake up. The most unexpected was “waking up”, sitting up in my bed, looking at the clock (stable lights), swinging my feet over the side of the bed and stretching, and finally standing up only to find the floor disappear with me falling into a bottom chasm!

    This article is great as a reminder that these moments are actually opportunities to delve deeper into lucid dreaming.

  2. alex batez says:

    i started to have lucid dreams 1 year ago im only 18 but wus stunned after my frst one and wanted to find out more , i see lucid dreaming as unpleasent as for some reason nothing postive ever happens in my lucid dreams, and i usuall get hurt in them and actually ‘FEEL’ the pain its amazing i’m very intriged to find out more , but more recently ive been having false awakenings often i can go through half an hour before realizing im in one , my problem which im trying to curb is my tendency to panic when false awakenings and lucid dreams occur……..

  3. Corwin says:

    I’m 30 years old, and have just recently gotten into the experience of lucid dreaming. But I’m still a beginner.

    My realization that I can do this began with false awakenings.

    My false awakenings tended to have a night-time theme.

    I imagined awakening while it was still dark and walking around the house, finding that I was unable to turn the lights on. Then, I would discover that I was likewise unable to do any of the other things that I wanted to do. Next, I would have a panicky desire to flee the house. Finally, I would awaken into my stable reality.

    This dream was uncommon, but it recurred often enough that I learned to sense the cues of whether I was sleeping. I developed the expectation of awakening soon when I had this dream.

    The feeling of helplessness during this dream is probably related to sleep paralysis, which is an inability to move during certain sleep states. Also, the real lights in my room remained physically off when I wanted them on.

    Knowing when you are dreaming is a truth that will set you free.

  4. Jordan says:

    Recently i have had several false awakenings. After discovering that i was still dreaming through reality checks i still felt limited to my waking lifes potential. Is there any way to take the full potential of lucid dreaming further? Please advise. i look foward to any comments.

  5. Karl says:

    I don’t know if you can help me, but I just had a very disturbing lucid nightmare, and it gives me chills to think about. Basically my dreams were fine up to this point, where every room was dark, but I was proud I was not scared anymore. I read some articles of conquering your lucid nightmares last week and conquering your fears, but then something happened that shook me to my bone. I was trying to flick a light switch on the wall to figure out how to turn this lucid dream more bright and positive, it didn’t work, I came out of my dream a bit, but could feel only what I can describe as a deep lazy feeling pulling me back into the dream world. The next thing that happened, I could not conquer, I was trying to bring something that happened in my dream back with me, but felt it wasn’t allowed or was not possible, then the scary part happened, I could hear muffled a voice say “of course we will look at your situation and if you tried you best” then I tried to stay as positive as I could, I felt like I was in surgery getting my gallbladder removed, like a flashback or something, it was muffled an I felt a touch on my arm and the man say “you are doing good” then I had this feeling like I was gravitating towards some sort of awakening, but what scared me was that I was going to be leaving my real sleeping body behind, or that feeling that I didn’t know what reality to expect ahead. So I screamed for someone to wake me up, I knew I was sleeping, and knew someone important was next to me. I was terrified, and I would have no idea how to conquer something like this without facing the possibility of death itself. These nightmares are finding new ways to adapt and scare me to my soul. I don’t know if you have dealt with anyone with a lucid nightmare of this type, but I do have chronic pain in my back, an had a gallbladder surgery. I’m only 28, but sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me and if God is trying to have me go through this. I don’t want to leave this world, I like it hear, but I can’t stand the nightmares I get every 4 days. I am typing this on an iPhone and I think I mistyped a lot above. I’m not able to scroll up, but Im not sure if i mentioned above that it was a man that was “working on me” and I definitely felt like there was something bigger than me going on, and that the only way to conquer this was to go through that tunnel, but there was no light in sight that I could see., at the same time that deep fear that I would leave everything here. Please let me know what your thoughts are on conquering these nightmares that are on an almost religious level, dealing with life and death. I read the only way to conquer lucid nightmares is to realize the dream can’t hurt you, I honestly feel it can though, I’m almost in doubt about the reality going on now because of this dream, is there someone really trying to “help” me right now, and they are trying to revive the real me, in some greater reality than this. This is the thought going through my head, how do I conquer something this terrifying? Please email kakk333@yahoo.com if you can help.

  6. sarah says:

    i think you should speak to a professional, and maybe try hypnotherapy to help take you through these dreams. a therapist would likely have to induce one of these nightmares to help you but they’d be there to talk you through it and convince your subconcious mind that you’re perfectly safe. after a few sessions you should be able to lucid dream more calmly and the therapist could also give you your own personal trigger to wake yourself if you’re panicing. hope this helps you. sarah xXx

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